Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Worker's Day!


  1. toujours le dessin pour rire !

  2. Workers of the world unite!
    Storm the gates of Stalingrad!

    (Hehe, it totally reminds me of that Army of Lovers song!)

  3. If the Communist had used this pic as a recruiting tool, we'd ALL be reading the NEW YORK PRAVDA !!!

  4. Hi Alessio! I love your art and I would like to propose an exchange of links. Well, not exactly an exchange, because I added your blog links ages ago to my blog

    I also create and manage the group "Male Erotic Art Of All Times... The Very Best Of!", if you are interested It is an open space to promote your amazing style of art...

    Best wishes,

    Nicolas Gibson

  5. I love this. The colours are wonderful. Great job!